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New DSPS Fellows: Jim DelRosso, Diane Dietrich, and Erin Eldermire

 am pleased to announce the appointment of the following colleagues as the new CUL digital scholarship fellows. Hosted by the Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services (DSPS) unit, the fellowship program aims to provide opportunities for CUL staff to expand their skills and experiences in developing, delivering, and assessing scholarship services.
Jim DelRosso, Hospitality, Labor, and Management Library

Jim plans to focus his Fellowship on digital repositories. His primary goal is to work with DSPS and stakeholders around CUL to craft a digital repository policy that addresses questions of software, workflow, collection development, and sustainability, while fulfilling the need for both straightforward access to and robust preservation of the items stored in CUL's digital repositories. He is currently the Digital Projects Coordinator at the Hospitality, Labor, and Management Library, overseeing both the existing digital repository at the ILR School and the soon-to-be launched repository serving the School of Hotel Administration. He also serves on the steering committee for the Cornell University Library Archival Repository.  Jim’s DSPS fellowship is for one year at 0.25 FTE.
Dianne Dietrich, Physical Sciences Library, EMPSL
Dianne has joined the team of our NEH-funded project on Preservation and Access for Digital Art Objects as DSPS Fellow and lead Digital Forensic Analyst. This project represents a collection-wide investigation of preservation and emulation strategies for complex born-digital media. Dianne leads the project’s technical team and helps develop preservation workflows that will be a baseline for CUL digital forensics services in the years to come. EMPSL will continue to be her home unit. As a member of the EMPLS Library, she will continue to support the information needs of the Physics and Astronomy communities and participating in the development of the Physical Sciences as a virtual library. Dianne’s fellowship is for two years at 0.5 FTE.
Erin Eldermire, Mann Library

Erin’s goals for the DSPS fellowship are to contribute to the development of the library website, especially considering the perspective of the users with whom she interacts on a daily basis; to help improve access and dissemination of Cornell graduate theses and dissertations; and to learn from the members of the DSPS Unit towards her future career as a librarian. She currently works as an Information Assistant at Mann Library Reference, and is pursuing a Master's degree in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University. Erin’s fellowship is for six months at 10 hours/week.
Congratulations to Jim, Dianne, and Erin. We'll be making a call for the next round of applications in early 2014.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about the program.

Oya Y. Rieger,
Associate University Librarian
Digital Scholarship & Preservation Services