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Update on 2CUL Phase 2

Dear staff,
As you know, we recently announced a three-year, $350,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that will enable the integration of technical services functions at the Columbia and Cornell University Libraries. This project represents the primary focus of the next phase of the 2CUL collaboration, a partnership through which our two libraries are making a long-term commitment to pool our capacities to address the current and evolving needs of the students and scholars we support.

While the new Mellon funding covers technical services integration activities, co-managed by Kate Harcourt, Director of Original and Special Materials Cataloging at Columbia University Library, and Jim LeBlanc, the scope of our ongoing work is much broader. We have seven additional goals that we aim to accomplish over the next three years:
1.      Secure a sustainable institutional commitment to the 2CUL partnership.
2.      Develop and embrace comprehensive strategies for collection building, resource sharing and discovery, digital preservation, global partnerships, and emerging services.
3.      Select, co-purchase, and implement a joint library management system.
4.       Mainstream 2CUL activities beyond technical services integration.
5.       Ensure support for 2CUL by faculty and students.
6.       Enable budgetary transparency on behalf of 2CUL.
7.       Assess and implement additional partnership arrangements with other institutions on behalf of 2CUL.
Most of these goals are continuations of the work begun in the initial phase of the partnership. The 2CUL Steering Committee met in January 2013 and drafted these next steps:
Institutional Commitment, Staff Engagement, and Faculty/Student Support: The University Librarians, Anne Kenney and Jim Neal, will formalize and convene a 2CUL governance group, which includes Lee Cartmill and Kris Kavanaugh, Associate Vice President at Columbia University Library. Together with library communications staff, this group will develop a communications strategy tailored to each campus. Both libraries have brought 2CUL to the attention of their respective student and faculty populations, and administrations. Janet McCue and Damon Jaggars, Associate University Librarian for Collections and Services at Columbia University, will work together to encourage public service management teams to meet virtually and look for other opportunities for cross-campus interactions. More staff in other library units will be engaged as 2CUL unfolds. Bob Wolven, Associate University Librarian for Bibliographic Services and Collection Development at Columbia University, and Xin Li, the 2CUL Project Directors, will work with the human resources staff to plan staff engagement opportunities.
Sustaining and Growing the Collective Collection: We currently have three formal collection development agreements in place: Slavic and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. We do not have a formal agreement regarding our South Asia shared collection but the curators for this subject area have worked on dividing up collecting responsibilities according to local interests and the strengths of each institution. It has been difficult to make progress in sharing licensed digital resources, but we did have a major financial success with a joint license for the Oxford Bibliographies Online from Oxford University Press. We will continue to negotiate for e-resource packages for better pricing and for broader coverage for both campuses. John Saylor and Damon Jaggars/Bob Wolven will take the lead in creating a three-year plan on how we should proceed.
E-journal Preservation: The Final Report of the 2CUL LOCKSS Assessment Team ( produced by Oya Rieger and Bob Wolven generated significant interest within the academic research library community. We subsequently convened a stakeholder’s brainstorming session in December 2012. We will seek funding opportunities for a joint project between 2CUL and the Keeper’s Registry <> to provide continued leadership in the area. Bob Wolven and Oya Rieger will take the lead.
Shared Technology Innovation: Rob Cartolano, Associate Vice President for Digital Programs and Technology Services at Columbia University, and Dean Krafft have identified areas where cross-institutional collaboration could be fruitful. They will work with relevant staff to initiate join investigations and projects. They will also document and share technical collaborations that take place outside of 2CUL and determine what, if any, steps each can take to turn local efforts into 2CUL activities.
Please feel free to direct any questions you might have to any of the individuals mentioned above. As this next phase of the 2CUL partnership unfolds, we will continue to discuss our progress at staff forums and meetings, as well as through library mailing lists and other venues.

All best,

Anne R. Kenney
Carl A. Kroch University Librarian
Cornell University Library